Greystone in Lace!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of teaching a class on a new design at The Tinsmith's Wife in Comfort. While I was there, a lovely lady named Connie showed me her finished Greystone that she had done in a beautiful slate lace.  There was just one thing, she told me, she hated to block, so it was unblocked.  I instantly made her a deal.  I told her if I could take it with me, I would block it, in exchange for a few pictures.  She agreed with a broad grin!

Isn't it stunning?

She used 1,752 yards of Manos del Uruguay Lace in blue.  More details on her project page.

As she listened to my conversation with Connie, Darcy told me she was almost finished with her Greystone. She asked if she finished it before I returned, if I would block hers, too!  So, today, I collect Darcy's Greyston with the promise of more pictures to follow!


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