Snatching a small victory from the massive jaws of defeat

In other words, I managed to snap out of my snit...

As reported in the prior post, I was ready to cut up, drive over, and burn the MadKim project, but after a few days of fuming, I looked at the yarn and fell in love with it all over again.  The yarn is simply beautiful!

So, I ripped out the sleeve, un-seamed the collar from the back, and gingerly unpicked the kitchener closing of the collar. The last feat was something I had not before undertaken, and it wasn't that bad...relatively speaking. After all, I have had a root canal.

In any event, I committed anew to the project and with the visual aides of several of the other well photographed and finished projects on Ravelry, I finally figured out the construction, re-seamed the collar (with a three-needle bind-off this time), seamed the back, and picked up stitches for the first sleeve.

 While I am still not convinced about the design, I just so love how these yarns have come together!


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