Irokata Tee


Pattern:  Irokata Tee
Yarn:  Shibui Knits Linen in Suit Navy for the front and Graphite for the back

This is a quick knit and an insanely clever design!

The Shibui Linen is actually nice to work with, just not as squishy as wool.  The fit is perfect!  The fabric is cool, loose, and drapey.

There's only one downside...the fabric is rather sheer, as in NSFW as I can see my navel and every detail on my bra through it...

This sheerness actually stikes me as odd, as I used the exact same yarn called for in the pattern (perhaps, slightly different colors) at gauge and the orginal pictures of project from the designer do not even suggest any see-through-ability of the fabric.  Curious, no?

Any thoughts?

UPDATE:  Now that I am studying the above picture, it appears she is actually wearing a tank shirt underneath the tee.  You can see the outline of it just below the neckline.  Additionally, the fabric at her shoulders is sheer...  Without the under garment, you can get an idea of how sheer it is on this project page.


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