A Wee Cardi

Neither of my daughters ever really asks me to knit anything for them.  Usually, I come across a pattern, show one of them, and inquire: "Would you like me to make this for you?"

This is just one example.

Six or so months ago, the younger daughter and I were in a book store. She needed something for school, and I waited at the magazine rack eyeing the knitting-related ones when this cover caught my attention:

The sweater was quite striking and looked age-appropriate, as in hip enough for a thirteen-year-old.

She agreed.

Once we returned home, I ran down the yarn used and allowed her to select what color she wanted. While it was Classic Elite yarn, it was called Woodland and described as 65% wool and 35% plant fiber, as in nettles...  Hmmm.  But, I ordered it anyway.

When it arrived, it appeared to be a single ply with a characteristic thick/thinness about it, but it was not particularly soft to the touch.  Immediately concerned, I swatched it anyway, hoping it would soften with soaking.

It did...some, but it is not something I would a) want to wear next to my skin or b) ever want to work with again.  Not surprisingly, Classic Elite has discontinued the yarn.  A good substitute would probably be Malabrigo's Silky Merino or Manos' Maxima.

The pattern is delightful!

It was very easy to knit from the bottom up to the arm openings. At that point, the sleeves are knit and attached to the body with nothing more than the yoke remaining to complete the body.

Were I to knit it again, I would knit the pockets first, then attach them at the bottom as I was knitting the body. I had a hard time getting the bottom seam on the pockets perfectly straight.  In fact, they are not perfectly straight and that bugs me...but, the child is pleased.

So much so, she begrudgingly agreed to a photo shoot:

This actually buttons quite nicely in the front, she just elected not to do it.  Speaking of buttons, she picked out the perfect vintage glass ones from my stash:

As to the fabric, she said it is soft enough and does not itch, but we shall see if she ever wears it...


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