Better than before

Okay, despite the disappointment of the Classic Elite Waterlily yarn not working out, I have regrouped.  Moreover, I think I have come up with something far nicer than what was originally intended.

For the last four years, I have had this MadelineTosh Vintage in Fig in my stash.  In all, I had 1,800 yards, and I was saving it for a cardigan for me.

When I went back through my stash to find a substitute for the Waterlily yarn I had originally selected for the husband's Ranger cardigan, I was a little concerned about using it because in his size, the pattern called for 1,730 yards and I knew I needed to make it 2 1/2 inches longer to accommodate his long torso.  70 yards was cutting it a bit too close to my liking.

An online search revealed that the Fig colorway had been discontinued, but Jimmy Beans Wool actually had two skeins available.  Because MadTosh dyes these in small batches and my yarn had been languishing in my stash for four years, I had little hope that  they would actually match.

It was not a surprise then, when the yarn arrived, they did not.  In fact, there was a HUGE difference in colors; however, I had a thought:  What if I used the new skeins, which were significantly darker, blacker, and more grey on the cuffs of the sleeves, the hem of the body, the collar, and the button bands, as an accent?

I didn't know, but I thought it was worth a try.

The ribbed hem is 2.75 inches deep, so, at the very least, I could make up the shortage in increasing the overall length by 2.5 inches by using the darker yarn for the body hem, right?


Well, I am thrilled with the results in the sleeve above.  I love the darkness of it with bits of golden brown here and there.  No, the yarns are not a match. The original looks very much like the color of figs and the new looks like the dry and rotting outer band of old cut wood, but I think they compliment one another beautifully!

Overall, I much prefer the browns for the husband over the original blue-grey of the Waterlily.  Now, the MadTosh is worsted and the Waterlily is Aran weight, but I got gauge with both. The MadTosh is just a far superior yarn.

Bottom line:  I could not be more pleased!



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