More weaving!

Despite my best intentions to concentrate on other things, the weaving obsession continued.

On Saturday, I found a bag of stash belonging to the Wee One.  Actually, she had returned what stash she had acquired when she decided knitting was not for her, but I had not yet gone through it or incorporated it into my stash.

In it was three skeins of a brightly colored pink/blue/green yarn that found its way onto one of the Cricket looms.  A couple of hours later...we had another scarf!

While Wee had worked on her scarf from class, she has been covered up with homework and volleyball, so I asked her if I could finish it up for her.  She agreed.  

I love the riot of colors.  The yarn is Mountain Colors Twizzle, but I do not recall the color.  The ball band has been discarded...

Like the knitting, I think Wee had decided that weaving is not for her, either.

Once the Cricket looms were clear, a few friends came over yesterday to learn how to warp and/or weave on them.  

While fun and quick, I had been debating over the past week whether I wanted one, in addition to the big table loom I have.

My thought was I could have a big project on the table loom and quick and easy projects going on the Cricket.  Also, the Cricket was easily portable and made for comfortable weaving in my lap at the table or on the couch.  However, I ultimately decided not to buy one as anything I could make on the cricket, I could make on the big loom.

Once I made that decision, I realized I could buy two additional loom reeds in different dents for the price of the smaller Cricket.  The acquisition of additional reeds would give me greater versatility in what I could weave.

The reed on the table loom now is a 12 dent (which translates to 12 stitches an inch in knitter language).  The standard reed sizes for my Schacht are 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15. The higher the number the finer the thread needed. Conversely, the lower the number the thicker the thread/yarn needed.

The reeds I would be interested in would be the 10 and 15 dent ones.

Speaking of the table loom, I actually successfully warped it on Friday after a new raddle arrived!  I had 4 balls of Freia Ombre fingering weight yarn in Grapevine.  The colors shifted from deep purple to an acid yellow-green.

I used two of the balls to warp.  From outside to inside, I went from dark to light. When the first ball was exhausted, I used the second (beginning in the middle) to go from light to dark.  A third ball was used for the weft, and it also ran from dark to light.  The fourth ball went untouched.

The finished dimensions were 11 inches wide by 52 inches long.  I discovered there was a great deal more waste with the table loom, than with the Cricket.

While I love the finished project, I would have liked to have made it, at least, 72 inches long. However, I am not disappointed, as I think it turned out beautifully. 

With the borrowed Crickets gone, I have turned my full attention to the table loom.  On the warping pegs is the beginning of a shawl.  Several drafts (weaving patterns) have been downloaded.

The husband has also been put on notice that we are in dire need of a stand for the loom, too.  We could order the one from Schacht, but I have decided that I want it to be mobile. Thus, it needs castors.  I am in the early stages of designing one for him to build.  (I have a wonderful husband, by the way.)  He has not yet agreed to built it, but I think he will...

In other news, can you believe it is NOVEMBER?!


Anonymous said…
Instead of a 15 dent reed, you can use the 10 and thread it 2, 1, 2, 1. There! I just saved you some money for yarn!

Better start saving for that floor loom! The foot treadles are so fun!

I did a huge warp the other night, put it on the loom and it stuck so bad, I couldn't move the lease sticks. I cut it off and threw it away. Starting over with some Noro this morning.
Feisty said…
Hey Maria! You might have to explain the 2, 1, 2, 1 - I get how to warp it, but don't quite understand how that works out to a 15 dent...I need more training!!


Yes, I am afraid I might outgrow this one, if I continue, but I cannot imagine where I would put a floor loom!

Looking forward to your next project(s)!!

Thank you!

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