Closing in

My mother is often purposefully vague about her arrivals and departures.  I guess it gives her some measure of control while she stays with us.

In any event, after weeks of hearing her state that she would be in Texas after the 15th, she changed things up a bit and divulged yesterday that she would be arriving today.

The day before yesterday I warped the loom for a scarf for her, thinking I had, at least, until the 15th to finish it.

A late night with plenty of support and encouragement from the handsome husband and loving friends, one of whom sent warm vibes while watching the meteor showering and enjoying hot chocolate, and it was done!


The warp was Alisha Goes Round Tracks of Bison in #243, while the weft was lace weight with flecks of silver, I dyed myself!

I used 126 ends with finished dimensions of 9" x 66" without the fringe.

There was a passing thought to twist the fringe, but things are likely to get really twisted soon enough.

In other news, I completed Habitat #5 for the season, and I had thought I had only one more to go, but then I thought again, and cast on yet, the hat count remains at two more...

Off to clean the kitchen and prepare something for's coming!


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