I still knit!

Just over a week ago, a couple of friends and I went to Tinsmith's Wife in Comfort and Lucky Ewe in New Braunfels. Among us, many yarn, project bag, and fiber purchases were made!!

In my haul was two skeins of Black Trillium's Pebble Worsted in "Red Maple."

Initially, I cast on for a cowl, but I was not loving it.  A quick glance at Raverly and I discovered Doomsday Knits, which had a pattern for a hat called I was a Teenage Mutant.  I was immediately sold...a few hours later:

I *LOVE* this hat!  In fact, I weighed it and have enough to make two more...maybe.

In a shop across the street from Tinsmith's Wife, I found a handcrafted boat shuttle I decided I could not live without. So, there is also some weaving going on.

Anyone else excited about spring?


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