An Easter Sweater!

By early evening yesterday, I had finished knitting all the pieces.  The instructions said to kitchner graft the two fronts, then seam it to the sides of the back, then pick up stitches for a nice finished band.

I thought about doing it that way, but that would have required me to soak and block it before I seamed and again after I added the ribbed band.  I did not want to do that twice. So, after I grafted the fronts together, I picked up the ribbed band, then soaked and blocked everything. I laid them out on my yoga mat last night and turned the ceiling fan on.

This morning, everything was fluffy and dry.  The fronts were seamed to the body and Voila!  We have a sweater for Easter!

I am ridiculously pleased with it!

The yarns played together nicely, and they are wonderfully soft and springy! It fits beautifully and comfortably.

When I added the finished details to my Ravelry page, I discovered this was an exceptionally quick knit:  16 days from cast on to wear!


I attribute this to a great design by Amy Christoffers of Savory Knits and a really well written pattern. 

Now, I am a bit tired of knitting. Perhaps, I shall weave for a while.

Happy Easter!


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