Of knitterly things

The past week or so, I have been in a mindless knitting mood.

There are plenty of projects on the needles, but some require a good bit more attention than others.

So, I did what any self-respecting knitter would do, and cast on something quick, fun, and pretty much mindless:

Yes, this is the fourth Mutant hat I have knit in the last few weeks, but this one is special!  I used some yarn I dyed myself and named Goblin Green a couple of years ago.

I think the Mutant and Goblin Green go well together.

In other news, I decided I really wanted fig trees. There are two behind the head model, a little Celeste, and a rather big Brown Turkey. I understand that figs self-pollinate, but cross-pollinating gives a greater and higher quality yield, which is good, because I like figs!  The Husband has been tasked with planting them... 

The Sea Glass socks are also complete!

Although, I learned several things from this little experiment.

a) I am a very poor knitwear model, particularly when I am also the photographer.  I would have used Peg or Stella, the plastic legs I normally use, but...

b) I underestimated how much the pattern would grow (because I did not swatch!), and the legs were too small to hold the socks up...or rather, the socks were far too big, even for me.

c)  Sport weight is not the best to show off a lace design, as it is too chunky.

While, I kind of knew all of the above, I loved the color and really wanted to knit something unique with the yarn. THAT, I accomplished.

I do like the lace design and I do think it will work well in a sock, just not sport weight.

Now, I am still itching to knit something mindless or try my hand at sewing something fun and different.

My Pinterest Sewing Bug board has seen a lot of action lately.


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