Feeling Special

In early March, my lovely friend Theresa came for a visit. We took her to two of our favorite yarns shops:  Tinsmith's Wife and Lucky Ewe Yarn. At Lucky Ewe, Theresa found some lovely Vice Yarns roving, as well as some of Vice's Blurred Lines.

It was a quick trip for Theresa, and all too soon, she was off to Austin for a work conference.

A few days ago, I received an extraordinary surprise, as Theresa had taken the roving, spun it into yarn, and knitted me a breathtaking shawl:

I fear my photos do it a grave injustice!

Remember, this was roving first:

Which she then spun into yarn before knitting it into a shawl:

She is amazing, no?

The last three photos were stolen from her Ravelry page.

The design is Gwendolyn.

It would appear I am pretty special to have such a wonderful friend!!

Thank you, Theresa!


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