Just Darn!

Three years ago, I knitted a sweater for the lovely older daughter.  The pattern was Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston, and I used the luscious Madelinetosh Sport in Curiosity.

The sweater went off to college with the daughter and returned some time last year. While it was not abused or neglected, it had a bit of snag damage or possibly moth damage with a hole at the top of one shoulder and down the front left side.

My reaction was one of disappointment, not in the daughter at all because she took care of it as well as she could, but in the nature of the thing.  

Moths like wool. Moths lay eggs in wool.  When the eggs hatch, the larva eat wool.

Then I asked myself:  "Why do I bother to knit at all?" Because in South Texas it really does not get cold enough to wear the two dozen sweaters I have knit for myself and the likelihood of the time and expense (as I really love the high end stuff) turning to ruin is far greater than any of the sweaters actually wearing out. Just why bother?

Linen, silk, hemp, and cotton are fine to knit with, but there's something really nice about the feel of wool in my hands.

As I did not think I had any of the original yarn remaining from the Audrey sweater, I simply tossed it into a bin with the thought I would cut off and save the buttons and be done with it.

A couple of months ago, I offered to teach knitting at noon on Wednesdays at the office for anyone who was interested. 

Fortunately, I had a few takers. There are two lovely young ladies who have taken to it like they were born to knit, which has made it a wonderful experience for me.

One of the two is slightly smaller than the older daughter. I thought if I could repair the sweater in some way, she might enjoy wearing it. I mentioned it to her, explaining that there were a couple of snags in the fabric and if she were interested, I would attempt to repair them.  She was delighted. Bless her.

Rooting around the stash, I actually came up with a quarter of a ball of yarn that was all that remained of the MadTosh sport I had originally used to knit it.

It would be more than enough.

After repairing the hole on the front, I thought it looked okay, but not great.

If the plan had been to hand it back to the daughter, I would probably have left it alone, but I wanted it to be a bit nicer hand-me-down, so I decided to make a pocket to cover it.

I began by picking up stitches for the bottom part of the pocket. Then I knit the pocket, ending with a few rows of ribbing, just like the bottom of the cardigan.

Once I was done, I simply seamed the sides of the pockets to the front of the sweater, then weaved in the ends.

I like the pocket better than the patch. I am hoping once washed and blocked, it will even out.

Here is a view from the inside, as I forgot to take a photo of the hole to begin with.  It was rather large and gnarly.

You can also see I back my front buttons with additional buttons for stability and also to keep the weight of the button from pulling exclusively on the fabric.  I just think they are far more stable that way and much easier on the fabric itself.

On Thursday, I shall take it to the office and send it on its way.  Hopefully, she will be pleased and allow me a modeled shot!

It is now November...have we thought about Christmas knitting yet?

::suppressing the urge to laugh maniacally::

When I say "we," perhaps, I actually mean you!


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