A slight interruption

Also known as a knitting break, a quick and extremely productive break.

Yesterday afternoon, once the younger daughter and I braved the crowds (of which there were few) and attempted to do a little more Christmas shopping, we came home and the appearance of an undressed loom was more than I could bear.

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration.  While I do prefer to have projects on both looms at all times, and I really do hate seeing either of them standing unused, the truth of the matter was I just tired of knitting.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I visited our lovely local shop, Lucky Ewe Yarn. They carry the Universal Yarn Bamboo Bloom and Bamboo Bloom Handpaints, which I have been using to weave scarves, cowls, and infinity scarves. In addition to picking up three skeins of Malabrigo Arroyo in Violeta Africana, I bought yet another skein of the Bamboo Bloom, this time in Cobalt.

Rifling through my stash, I realized I had a skein of fingering weight sock yarn (Spinning Colors Sock), which blended perfectly with the cobalt. I also found a partial skein of the Bamboo Bloom Handpaints, one of the original three I purchased from Lucky Ewe Yarn back in May.  I thought they colors would look great together, especially with the blue fingering warp slightly toning down the brightness of the Kanji colorway.

This time; however, I wanted a very long and somewhat skinnier version for an infinity scarf, which could wrap two or three times around the head and neck.

It took no time to prepare the warp and tie-on to the existing warp remnants from my last project. And a few hours later, I was pulling the scarf off the loom.  Gotta love that Bulky weight Bamboo Bloom.

A quick photo shoot this morning and ta-da:

The only thing, I have not yet seamed the ends or soaked and blocked the scarf yet.  The sewing machine has been pulled out of a closet and is ready to go, though.

The finished dimensions are 6.25" wide x 100" long.

While I still need to finish a sweater and pair of socks for Christmas, I can certainly add this one to the gift pile!


Lastly, there remains almost half a skein of the Bamboo Bloom in Kanji, perhaps, if I return to Lucky Ewe Yarns and purchase a purple skein of the same bulky yarn (I think I saw one), I can make yet another one...


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