The Last

The last of the Universal Yarn Bamboo Bloom is gone..

This one came out 9" wide and 72" long!

Yarn:  Two-thirds of the warp was a fingering weight from Spinning Colors in Regal:

The remaining warp was some leftover Wollmeise 100% in Ein Klein Wenig Verrucht. It looks kind of blue here, but it is really a deep purple:

The weft was a combination of two colors of the Universal Yarn Bamboo Bloom in Seafoam and my favorite Kanji!  The Bamboo Bloom I picked up from my local yarn shop, Lucky Ewe!

If anyone is really interested, my warp was 164" long, but I ran out of weft at 82", There were a total of 123 warps on a 12 dent reed,

From the even-weave scarves in the funky novelty yarn, I spent all of Boxing Day preparing 435 warp threads, sleying the reed, and dressing the loom for a much larger project:

This is a four harness diamond design. I bought several tubes of Brassard 8/2 Cotolin from Webs in a dark brown and deep Marine blue.  I used the brown for the warp; however, I was surprised at how many of the warps snapped in the dressing and have snapped with the weaving.  I don't know if it is something I am doing wrong because this thread is made for weaving.  The only thing that comes to mind is that people often use this for tea towels that are much narrower than the 34 inches at which I am weaving.

The weft shown above is some worsted weight I dyed a couple of years ago.  As this is a test weave to help me figure out how far different weights will go as weft and how well they will drape, etc., I have also used some glorious Vice Yarns Blurred Lines, as well as a few other things.

This has been a lot of fun to weave.  I suspect, it will come off the loom in a few days, as I already have fabric 32" wide and 72" long.  (I attached a sewing tape to the beginning of the fabric to keep track of my length.)

So, it looks like I will ring in the New Year with very little knitting and a whole lot of weaving!!

Happy New Year!


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