Sneak peek!

Two week's ago tomorrow, I was in Tinsmith's Wife in Comfort, Texas. Several of my lovely friends agreed to meet there, as two of them are rather new to knitting and had never been to this shop.

We visited while we browsed the fantastic assortment of yarns they have.  On the first walk-through, I discovered some Handmaiden Fine Yarn Mini Maiden, a single ply fingering made of merino and silk. Two of the colors seemed destined for one another, Charcoal and Moss. I spent the remainder of the afternoon walking around with them in my hand, dreaming of what they were to become.

With each skein containing 546 yards, I knew they would make a lovely shawl of some sort. While it has been a year or so, since I have designed something new, these two were instant inspiration.

Stripes have been my thing lately, so I started with the idea of stripes in my head, along with a lace panel and lace edging, but I did not want a rectangular shawl.  I almost went with a circular one (that may well be next), but ultimately decided on a sweet, sophisticated triangular one.

I have 252 live stitches in green left on my needles, as I knit-on a lace edging in grey. Each lace edging repeat uses two of the live green stitches, and it takes me an hour to knit 25 lace edging repeats. So, I think I have a little over five hours left of knitting!

I am so excited to show her to you all finished and after she has been properly soaked and blocked!!



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