"I like big looms and I cannot lie..."

I totally stole that line from a sweet friend who happens to have the exact same loom as me!

What's remarkable about that statement is that I had no idea she had a Macomber loom until I shared what I had just bought.  Ha! I was delightfully blown over when she announced that fact and sent photos to prove it!

The Macomber B4E was picked up in east Texas yesterday and driven all the way home! We got in the truck yesterday by seven in the morning and we rolled back into the driveway just before seven in the evening.

As my husband said after he loaded it, unloaded it, and with the help of a couple of good friends and neighbors, moved it into its final resting place:  "I didn't think it was going to be that big!"

The former owner had all the original accessories (lease sticks, three shuttles, etc.) AND the paperwork from when she bought it, including the invoice and manual.

Looking at the date of purchase, I call that impressive.

I digitally erased her name and previous address, but everything else is remains the same. 

There are two things that struck me when I looked at this:  1) the loom cost her $754 and 2) it shows she ordered a 16 dent reed.

Odd because she did not receive a 16 dent reed, but a 12 dent one.  I know because it has a 12 etched on one side of it AND I counted the slots in the reed. There are 676 slots. At 12 slots/in that gives me 56.3" inches on this 56" loom.

If it were a 16 dent reed, it would say 16 on the side of it AND for 56", there would be 896 slots.

The good news:  I prefer a 12 dent reed, and one was on my list to buy immediately. 

The not-so-good news: In my excitement over the loom and before I ever saw it first hand, I prepared 890  warp ends to dress the loom...214 too many...

However, that's fine.  I just saved $138 in not having to buy one.  Woohoo!

Here she sits:

While not quite centered on that wall, I will move the picture so it is not so obvious.

The apron strings will soon be replaced with a canvas apron. She will get new bumpers, too! It may take me a while to save for additional harnesses, the kits are $338 for each harness kit, and I need 6 to fully fit her out.

Most importantly, she will be cleaned.  The previous owner stated she had not touched her in over 25 years.  Wow!

In fact, the previous owner still had a rug project on her which she had started some 30 years ago and passed on to me, complete with draft and cotton yarns.  I guess she was hoping I would finish it for her.  Well, the cotton was dry rotted and broke apart easily.  They did not smell very good, either. I disposed of them all quickly!

What she needs right now is a name.

Due to her stoutness, I was thinking about Brunhilde. The husband suggested Big Bertha. I am not sold on either of those, I guess it will come to me when I finally get to weave on her.

Things may be quiet around here for a little while. We have a new family member arriving on Wednesday.

Meet Bane. He's an 8-week-old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  The name Bane means "glorious protector," which is very different from the noun bane.  We shall see which he suits him better. I am really hoping for the former.

Last, but not least, I finished a hat on that long road trip:

Pattern:  Boyfriend Hat (Free!)
Yarn:  Black Trillium Pebble in Bifrost

Quick, easy, well-written!  What's not to like?

Happy Knitting, Weaving, and Puppy Loving!


Martine said…
Ohhh, Bane is such a cutie!!! ♥
Feisty said…
Thank you, Martine! He's a love, too!

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