Every so often

Things work out better than originally planned.

Back in January, I pulled a piece of test fabric off the LeClerc 36" floor loom I had. I wanted to see how different weights of wool (fingering, sport, dk, and worsted) worked as weft with some Brassard 8/2 Cotolin warp.

At the time, I was thinking of making a skirt from the test fabric; however, I never wear wool skirts, and I never got around to doing anything with the fabric, other than occasionally petting it.

While surfing Pinterest yesterday afternoon, I came across a picture tutorial for a Hobo bag.

I thought it was cute, and it looked easy enough. Then, I thought my woven fabric would be perfect, if I could find something to put on the bottom of it.  Honestly, I did not relish the thought of sewing a bag from handwoven fabric and just sitting it on the ground.

A quick stash dive brought up some remnant denim, and I was off and running.

After a couple of hours, I had a pattern (I wanted a bigger bag) to which I added extra seam allowances and quickly cut out the outside fabric, as well as the lining.

In an abundance of caution, before I cut the woven fabric, I ironed some heavy duty fusible interfacing  to it, then serged around it.  I also serged the extra fabric, as not to waste it or risk it coming apart.

By the time I went to bed, the outside and inside pieces were complete, including a pocket on the inside, which the original was lacking.  All that remained was to attach them and top stitch the openings.

The woven fabric is quite thick and a little more difficult to sew, especially with heavy interfacing attached, than lightweight upholstery fabric. Thus, it took another couple of hours to complete.

The finished dimensions are 14.5" wide x 20" tall x 5" deep.

Now, what to put in it?


Lolly said…
Those are gorgeous and made for yarn of course.

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