Listing to starboard

 The playhouse tucked among the trees in the very back of the yard is in its final days.

The weathered wood is so handsome, I had hoped to clad the back wall of my office/yoga sanctuary/weaving/yarn shop room with it.

However, a tally of the wood available and the dimensions of the wall proved there simply is not enough of it to cover.

Thus, Plan B was hatched.

A trip to Hobby Lobby found iron corbels, which just happened to be half off... For less than $20, I bought six of them.

The plan is to use four of the 72" boards from the structure to make one shelf, 64 inches wide x 11.5 inches deep x 1.5 inches thick. Which basically means two boards will like side by side to give me the depth of the shelf with two more boards lying on top of each of the others to give me the thickness.  All four boards will be screwed together with a few one or two inch strips underneath to give them added support (and hold the two side by side ones together).

The husband has been tasked with reclaiming the wood, cutting them down to size, screwing them together, and generally executing the plan.  Guess that means, I am the brains behind this one, and he is most definitely the brawn, although, I freely admit, a good bit of thought, experience, and skill goes into his side of things.

Of course, he will also have to locate the studs and attach the corbels/brackets to the wall, too.  For even more support, I envision using three brackets per shelf, as the shelves are more than five feet long.  In the end, I hope to have two of these shelves.

Cross your fingers the husband is on board and motivated to help me out!


Unknown said…
What a neat way to repurpose something with a sentimental value. Great idea!

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