T-shirt Rag Rugs!

The rag rugs practically fell off the loom!

Six days from warping the loom to hemming and throwing them on the floor!

Prior to washing and hanging to dry, one is 27" wide x 54" long and the other is 27" wide and 48" long. I expect them to draw up to about 24" wide x 48" long and 24" wide x 42" long.

I don't know how many t-shirts each one of them took, but I did get about 27 - 1/2" loops from each one.  

The pattern is here

The larger one is going to my mother, while I have already put the slightly smaller one to use at the door to the backyard.  Here's an ultra sexy photo of it:

Yeah. There is nothing exciting about a backdoor shot.

Speaking of my mother, her blanket is now finished!!  It needed a tag:

Next up:  608 warp ends ten yards long of organic cotton in natural for more tea towels!


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