A Little Vice is Quite Nice!

While I did not go back and look, I believe I may have promised not to cast on anything new in a post of the last few weeks or so...

Well, the Hill Country Yarn Crawl is in full swing.  I did not participate this year, but Saturday I could not resist popping into our local yarn shop, Lucky Ewe, and getting a big hug from some of my favorite people (there was a Ben, two Lindas, and a Lizzy). One of the Lindas and Ben own Lucky Ewe, the other Linda is a lovely, sweet lady, and Lizzy is the owner and master dyer of Vice Yarns!

Speaking of Vice Yarns, three skeins of her blurred lines came home with me. This was one of them:

It sat on my desk all day Saturday and most of Sunday, as I scoured Ravelry trying to decide what to make for ME with it.

I ultimately winnowed the choices down to two:

Pyropa by Susanna IC

Terraform by Cheri McEwen

I adore them both, but Pyropa was designed for Vice Yarns Blurred Lines and I have met the lovely Susanna IC, so I went with that one.

As we all know, lace knitting does not look like much until it has been blocked. 

So, before I left to run errands and go to the grocery store, I gave it a little bath and quickly blocked what I had knitted so far.

The results have spurred me on to try a bit of knitting monogamy to get this done!

Oh, did mention it has a few beads?

I love beads!


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