Fruits of the Loom

The first project of the new loom came off yesterday afternoon.

Yes, it arrived on Friday afternoon. I warped it and began weaving immediately, and less than 24 hours later, something fell off it.

The warp is some approximately 175 yards left over from a sock project - Zauberball Crazy socks. The weft is Malabrigo Chunky in Bobby Blue. The warp was 89" long, and I ran out of warp and weft at the same time!

I was originally going to use a fingering weight yarn in the melon for the warp, but when I tried it, the orange completely overwhelmed the other colors. So after a few inches, I simply cut it off.

In other news, I showed my friend Melissa how to weave on my little Cricket loom. This was her first project!!

It is actually long enough to make a cozy, doubled cowl, but the mannequin was having none of it.


Handywoman said…
wowsers!!!! those are beautiful! Tell Melissa that my first project didn't look as great! I'm a bit jealous she did so well ;) Great teacher and great student it looks like. Wish I lived closer cause I'd come over and join in on the fun!!!!
Feisty said…
Oh, what fun we would have!!! Another of the ladies in my class told me last night, she will contact you about a loom!!


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