Okay, that was fun...

Now, how may days until Christmas?

Pattern:  Pyropa

Yarn:  Vice Yarns Blurred Lines Fingering, although there was not a colorway on my ball band.

I knitted faithfully according to the pattern, until I got to row 21 of the pattern repeat.  At that point, I wanted to add a few more beads.

This is what I did:

WS:  Knit all stitches
RS:  K2tog, YO - all the across
WS:  Add bead to all the K2tog from the previous row and knit the YOs.
RS:  Knit all stitches
WS:  Elastic bind off knitwise

This gave me a whole row of beads to finish off the piece. I adore them!!

I had 2.5 grams left after my bind off.



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