Bulky yarn is something I have avoided in my knitting life, but as a weaver, I have come to embrace it!

A few weeks ago, I came across a pair of skeins that I could not resist. I loved the colors and, lately, weaving with thick-thin yarns has been a pleasure. It is called Stratos by Katia yarns in #151.

Most people find brown boring, but I like brown, a lot.

My original thought was to use some brown fingering yarn I had as a warp, but after I tossed these two onto my desk and looked around my office, I decided to use some Tencel I had in a color called Whipple Blue.

Now, I did not know what a whipple was, but I thought it might be a bird.  Google tells me it is a procedure relating to pancreatic cancer. I don't know why the name is Whipple Blue, but it is pretty and does not appear to have anything to do with cancer.

Saturday night a big project came off the loom (more on that later).  Sunday morning, I decided to warp the loom for something for me, but it had to be a quick project because Christmas is coming.

There were half a dozen contenders, but my eyes kept moving back to Katia Stratos. Each ball contained only 153 yards, so I knew once the loom was dressed, it would not take long.

Using this warping calculator, I was shooting for a finished object approximately 78" long and 16" wide.

With only 232 warp ends, I had the loom ready to go in less than a couple of hours.

A few more hours of weaving, and I had a finished shawl!  All in the same day!

Washed and finished, it is 83" long and 18.75" wide!


I just love it!

For the ends, as I am not a fringe girl, I simply ran the edges through my sewing machine's zigzag stitch two or three times, then doubled some brown fingering weight yarn and did a blanket stitch along each edge to hide the zigzags.  It works for me!

Now, if only the temperature would drop 20 degrees for me to be able to wear it!!

How many days until Christmas?


Heather said…
Beautiful! Gorgeous!

The pain in my bath is called Whipple Blue. Interesting, no matter how I search, the only meaning I can find online is the surgical procedure. There must be an other, older meaning out there...hmmm...
Heatherr said…
Pain! Not pain. Doh!

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