Tea towels, anyone?

A two-month project on the big loom is a BIG project, at least to me.

Back in September, I warped the Macomber with 608 ends of 8/2 natural colored cotton. My sett was 24 on a 12 dent reed, as I doubled the lace-sized thread.  Preparing the warp, threading the heedles, and sleying the reed probably took me six to eight hours alone.

The pattern I used is Peaceful Rhythm Towels from the May/June 2014 edition of Handwoven Magazine. There is one threading sequence, but four different treadling patterns.

Note: The original pattern called for 512 warp ends and a 10 dent reed with a sett of 20 threads per inch, but as I only have a 12-dent reed, I opted to change the sett to 24 and added threads to get the width I wanted. Also, the pattern recommended a 5-yard warp length for four towels, weaving each for 36" in length for finished dimensions of 21.5" x 30".

I warped 10.5 yards and was able to get 8 full-length towels with a 9th slightly shorter one, the purple.

My finished dimensions were 21" x 31" for eight of them and the last one was 21" x 24".  I was particularly pleased my math worked out so closely to the original width-wise, as I used a different sized dent reed!

Each of them is done in a different color. I did that to keep from becoming bored with the project.

The first two took most of the two months to do, as I only spent ten minutes at a time weaving on them; however, the last seven were woven in about two-and-a-half days, including one full day of weaving.

Overall, I could not be more pleased or satisfied with this project. I have 9 beautiful towels that are soft and, I assume, super absorbent. Alas, I have not committed to using any of them...yet!

There has been quite a bit of knitting going on, too!

The yarn is a combination of Shibui Alpaca DK (sadly discontinued) and Shibui Silk Cloud Lace in Grounds, Velvet, Cove, and Raspberry (beginning at the top left and reading left to right).  While the combination of yarns is a bit pricey, I realized there was enough to make two hats from each pairing, which means:  I am on the 8th hat!!

I totally got my money's worth.

Next up on the Macomber is another shawl, which will be followed closely by a baby blanket for a friend of a friend!

Once the Christmas knitting is complete and those two weaving projects are done, I want to weave some fabric to make this for me:

While I love the Pendleton wool she chose for it, I thought it might be a nice project to test some handwoven wool on.

My hope is that I can get to it the week between Christmas and New Year's when I have taken some time from work.

How are your Christmas projects coming?

26 days...


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