Loom down

Good News:  I have a finished project to share!!

This is what I am calling a Turkish Towel.  It is made using Maysville 8/4 cotton carpet warp used double for both the warp and the weft. Prior to washing (I could not wait, it was so pretty), the towel measured 19-inches wide x 31.5-inches long.

Not so good news:  I broke the loom.

I thought I was a little more than half-way through this project, as I had just started the second towel, but my rigid heddle loom had another idea.


I know I am a tight knitter, and I guess those tendencies have carried over into weaving. I kept my warp so tight, I knocked off the pawl on the front apron.

No great worries, though, I contacted the lady who made it, and she responded immediately, even though she is on vacation. Bless her.

My initial question was whether I could glue the cap back on.

Her response:
Goodness I'm surprised that came off in one piece. I would normally want to make any repairs but on this repair yes you can glue this back on. When you glue is on only place a small amount of glue on the inside of the little cap (in the bored out part. Then put the paw back on making sure it is going in the correct direction and then put the cap onto the dowel making sure the dowels goes into the cap firmly. Look closely to make sure no glue oozed out. You don't want the cap to get glued to the pawl or it will not move. If you need more help let me know. Also if the dowel is broken off inside the cap and there is no longer a place for the dowel to go let me know I will need to fix that myself or if you are a clever girl I can send you new parts and instructions. Sorry your loom got a booboo. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!
I call that amazing customer service!



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