My little room is my favorite place in the entire house.

It was once the younger daughter's bedroom and retains the blue and green walls, as well as the whimsically embroidered sheer panels over the windows. In truth, I prefer the blue to the green, but not enough to repaint.

It is almost square at approximately 13' x 14'.

Again, it is not large, but just right for me (and the dogs).

Fortunate to be able to telecommute three days a week, this is where I spend most of my waking moments, day and night.

It serves as a yoga sanctuary in the early morning, office space, yarn and finished project storage, weaving room, and place to think and be.

As I am in the process of cleaning it up and reorganizing a bit, the big dog bed, along with the big dogs, are absent from these shots, but CoalBear is safely and comfortably ensconced in his little cuddle cup.

The pictures have not been filtered or touched. The light in here is lovely most of the day, and it obviously looks different from different spots in the room. I do have a lamp in one corner.  The only time I use the overhead light is in the evening.

Where is your favorite spot?


Heather said…
Depends. My fave spot to read is in bed so I can look out the window into the back yard's garden. My crafting room is my creative sanctuary. I painted it a pale but crisp blue. Art from a dear, deceased aunt hangs as do a small collection needlework from my sister and grandmother and a drawing I made of my dad and I in high school. It is tidy, I can find anything in there, which is more than I can say for other spots in the home. ; ) Stepping over the threshold, I can turn off my brain's devotion to other needs and immerse myself in yarn or fabric.
Feisty said…
Heather, that sounds amazing!!

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