A new year, a fresh start,

and time to let go...

While I still knit, my knitting production has slowed down considerably the last couple of years, as I have been weaving and doing other things.

I still love to knit, but I find my projects are now smaller and less involved than sweaters.  Gone are the times I knit fourteen sweaters in a year!

Part of the reason the sweater-making has slowed, is that I just do not wear sweaters.  There is a meme running around Facebook that says:  "I survived the Texas Winter of 2017 - January 6-8!"

Three days!

Well, I guess that is better than last year, where it was an exceedingly mild winter.

When I opened the sweater drawers this year, I decided it was a waste to allow these beautiful hand knit sweaters to languish any longer. I contacted a friend in Minnesota and asked her if she would be willing to take them and help find them new homes, preferably ones where they could be worn and appreciated.

She said it was -17 degrees there and sweaters were always appreciated. She said she may add some of her own and distribute them to the single mom group at her church.  I am so thrilled!

This is what I have to send her:

There are several there that have NEVER been worn.  The others may have been worn once or twice.

The question is, will they all fit in the box?!


That 1 Guy said…
If you wash them all in hot water, and then dry them on high heat, they should easily fit in one box.

Feisty said…
At that point, they will fit all the gnomes running about your place, my friend!! HA!

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