Outfoxed myself

Happy New Year!

I rang 2017 with a lovely weaving project.

This was the view on January 2nd. I started with nineteen balls of the black. This was what remained. The husband took one look and said: "Only five weft."  I love him.  He's funny like that.

By early afternoon, I had 5.5 yards of wool fabric, ready to make into one of these! (Stripes along the bottom edge, so rotate the picture in your mind 90 degrees clockwise. Also, I did not pattern my fabric after that specific poncho, but it does give a good idea of how it will work!!)

Although, I have not shipped it yet.

Once I had reached the length I needed, I decided to do a little experiment.  Remember when this project was first conceived, I wanted to use some lace weight brown wool as the weft? However, I talked myself out of it because who would use brown weft over black warp?

Well, the brown makes the colors POP!  Who knew?

The little strip is woven with the brown lace weight warp. It is divine!

Now, I am not the least bit unhappy about my fabric at all.  This little discovery only means I shall be warping soon for a SECOND poncho in a brown colorway....  SQUEE!!


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