Crafter Schizophrenia

On Facebook this morning, a memory from three years ago popped up:

Last fall, I decided a break was in order to reevaluate where I was and where I wanted to go with some of my pursuits, even though I had some knitterly commitments that extended through most of March.

This past Saturday, I finished the final class of a four-part workshop on Sweater Knitting.

While pleased that I had fulfilled my commitments and excited to see what the next chapter would bring, the moment was a little bittersweet because I do so enjoy the interaction and shared love of the activity.

The moment was made even more special when I received a note from one of my students yesterday.

I don't think she would mind my sharing:

If I had your address I would send you an old fashioned note. However, this is the best I can do and it comes from the heart.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed learning from you. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for the craft are inspiring and I really enjoyed your vibrant personality.

The Xena cowl is so much fun as it starts to show the design and I would NEVER have tried this without your encouragement.

Once again, thank you and I hope to see you at some future date - keep on being your delightful self.


 A lovely memory and a reminder that my passions still motivate me to learn and do, but I may be even more conflicted on which direction(s) my creative life will take.

Just when I think knitting is relegated to the back burner, as I delve more and more into weaving, a project catches my eye, and down the knitting rabbit hole I go again.

Despite announcing several weeks ago that knitted sweaters were virtually wasted in the clime of South Texas, I have decided there is a Fair Isle hooded pullover that would be perfect for walking the dogs in the pre-dawn hours of what we call winter, as well as for those late night, just before bedtime, canine potty jaunts where my PJs don't quite ward off the wind and chill.

It is called The Oa by the incomparable Kate Davies:

I think the impetus is two-fold. 

First, it would be a nice pullover to have to throw on when out and about with the dogs.

Secondly, and more importantly, I have not yet knit a Fair Isle sweater.  I have knit and designed Fair Isle Cowls, but not a sweater. (In fact, it is a bit fitting that the Xena cowl referred to in the memory above is one of my Fair Isle designs.)

It is a thing left undone in the knitting repertoire.  

Kate Davies now has her own line of wool, as well, in beautiful colors; however, they are a bit steep, particularly for an item that is not likely to get much wear.

Instead, I went with an old stand-by: Cascade 220.  Although, I shall be using the sport for the first time in the following colors (Colonial Blue Heather for the pattern, Black for the background, and Burgundy for the trim):

The yarn and needles are on order, although I had a couple of skeins with which to swatch.

While giddy to begin the project, I do have some other things to occupy me until they arrive.

I am a quarter of the way into this on the Macomber loom:

Hope everyone is following his or her own passions, as well.

Happy Spring!


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