A Finished Project!!

These are a few of the baby blankets and burp towels I made with the epic rainbow fabric I wove!

These are for a sweet little baby girl we are looking forward to meeting in late September, early October who belongs to a dear friend of mine:

Sydney (my older daughter) has a good friend at work who will become a grandmother in June. These are for her little grandson to be:

When I said epic, I meant it. The finished fabric was 48" wide and 8.5 yards long!! That is over 25 feet long!!

In using every bit of it, I ended up with four baby blankets, each approximately 48" x 40" post- washing and hemming, as well as twelve burp clothes measuring 15" x 14".

The burp clothes were so sweet. I found some cotton flannel baby prints to line them with.  They are soft and super absorbent. Plus, they can go into the washer and dryer without a thought, a must for busy new mothers.

Here is a shot of part of the width while it was still on the loom.

There were so many ends (over 1,200), I had to prepare the warp into two chains. Here they are before I dressed the loom with them.

Of course, I added the new Feisty Handwoven labels to the blankets, too!

I could not be more pleased with the results.



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