Duvet Draft

Now that my Macomber is up to 8 shafts, I am about to embark on a massive project, at least massive to me.

For a while now, I have wanted to make a duvet cover for our Queen size bed.

Ideally, the warp would be white with a magenta, teal, navy, or periwinkle weft; however, the water here is very hard, even with a built-in water softener. This means whites do not stay white.

The back up plan is to use natural, undyed linen for the warp and cottolin for the weft.

These are my options:

I initially wanted to use an overshot pattern; however, negotiating two shuttles for such a large piece of fabric did not sound like a great deal of fun.

So, I searched Handweaving.net and this draft caught my eye:

The weaving draft is available on Handweaving.net; however, the threading sequence, tie-ups, and treadling require a $20/year subscription.  Most of the drafts are free, this just happened to be a premium draft.

The pattern repeat is 150 threads. With a sett of 24 ends per inch, one repeat yields a sample 6.25 inches wide.  My sample will be 600 threads wide and 25" wide.  As a standard pillow case is 22" x 32", I thought I could use the sample for shams, once I decided which color combination I liked the best.

The duvet cover will ultimately be 92" x 96".  As my loom is only 56" wide (before take up and any shrinkage), the plan will be to weave a center panel of 56" x 81" and attaching two 20" side panels and a 20" wide bottom panel, all of which will be mitered to one another.


Who knows, I may make the sample and call it quits.

Wish me luck!

Happy Crafting!


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