Rag Rug, Part II

After I finished the first one out of cut up t-shirts, I decided to look through my fabric stash to see what might be suitable for the second rug.

The rest of the day was spent washing and cutting up (Thank goodness for rotary cutters!) the strips, then looping them together. 

Once that was done, I counted the strips for each different fabric. I did not bother measuring the lengths, each one was different. I thought I could make something of a pattern, if I knew how many strips....it worked!

I woke up really early this morning, as in 4:04 a.m. This is very unusual for me. I was actually hungry and after trying to go back to sleep for half an hour or so, I just got out of bed and began my day, as I normally would. The dogs were gracious enough to follow suit.

Thus, by 5:00, I was on the loom and weaving.

Before 8:00, the rug was complete.

By 8:30, I had cut it from the loom, hemmed the ends, and had breakfast.

It is not yet noon, and I am ready for a nap!!

Because I had cut the first rug off the warp early, I compromised the length of this one.  

While on the loom, it measured 60 in length, off the loom, it came in at 44" long.  This surprised me, but I do like to keep a tight tension when weaving.

The width of 43.5 inches did not change.  I credit the use of a temple with that.

The warp is Maysville 8/4 cotton carpet warp in "Linen."

The weft is various 100% cotton fabric, cut in one-inch strips.

The t-shirt loops were cut in half-inch strips, but as I was using them doubled, hence the loop, I compensated by making the fabric strips twice that.

My sett was 10.

The finished dimensions are almost square at 44" long and 43.5" wide.

CoalBear jumped on it the second I tossed it onto the floor.

Good thing he is so cute, immediately thereafter, he destroyed a partially used tube of that Maysville carpet warp....grrrrr.  Odd, though, he has never touched any of my knitting or weaving supplies before.

While I love the durability of the t-shirt rugs, I think I prefer the color and pattern of the cotton fabric one much better.

This one will probably be shipped to my mother. I think she will like it.



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