Finally Fall!

It is 79 degrees Fahrenheit in South Texas today with a high predicted of 85 degrees and a low a 67 degrees.

That actually translates to heaven!

We have had rain in recent weeks, so everything is lush and green again. There have been nice breezes, too. So, it is very pleasant outside.

In all, I freely admit this is my absolute favorite time of the year.

In anticipation of the cooler temps, I prepared an autumnal warp a couple of weeks ago, as I finished up a set of twelve place mats, which were actually my very first commissioned project.

Here is a snap of the warp as I was winding it on the back beam:

There are a lot of gorgeous colors in there!

It will eventually be woven into a fabric for a poncho for a dear, sweet friend of mine whose birthday is next month. I am not very good at surprises, but as this is a labor intensive endeavor, I thought she might like a bit of input.

I used tencel for the warp (8/2) and a sport weight wool in camel for the weft.

The camel weft tones the warp done just a bit, but the jewel tones still shine through. I am so thrilled with this!

However, I have a deadline and need to get back to weaving!

Happy Fall!


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