Tea Towels

While there were several big projects in the pipeline, I decided to hold off on them, until my new sectional second beam from Macomber arrives (it should be any time now).

I love tea towels, but I do not make them often because there are so many other new things I want to weave!

However, I decided it might be a nice change of pace, especially as the last two projects involved weaving with wool and Tencel.

Besides, these caught my eye, and I had just purchased the pattern

They were also an amazingly quick project. I prepared the warp on November 7th and had eight of them, washed, hemmed, and ready for their closeups on November 19th!

Each one is slightly different, and a pair of them have already made it to their new home.

I used 8/2 cotton for warp and weft with a sett of 20.

I even remembered to add my labels this time!

Flush with tea towel success, I immediately dressed the loom for another set with a 10-yard warp of 10/2 mercerized cotton...

It's hard to tell in the above photo due to the flash, but the warp is actually a silver grey and the weft is a dark burgundy.

Here was the warp, as I was prepping it:

These towels are a bit fancier and use 8 shafts, instead of four in the striped ones. It is pattern I have been dying to try, but I thought they may be too pretty for tea towels. However, as someone told me: "They are beauty you can appreciate every day, if you use the towels."

I think I agree.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

29 days until Christmas...


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