Paint the Town

Back in June, I came across a cool shawl pattern that made me want to cast on immediately. I mentioned it here (scroll down).

So, after rifling through my stash, I did.

It called for three colors of fingering weight yarn. I chose Wollmeise.

Shortly after that, the husband and I spent a long weekend in Sin City, where he gambled and I knit.

Once we returned, this project languished until my mother and her puppy arrived in mid-October. I include her dog, as he quietly fished the bag containing the 85% finished shawl from the coffee table and chewed the needles right off it, along with a bit of the knitting.


Fortunately, I had used a life line to count my progress about two inches below the damage and was able to literally cut my losses and finish up without further incident.

The shawl had actually been off the needles for two to three weeks before I finally decided to block and photograph it.

It's lovely!

Pattern:  Paint the Town

Yarn: Wollmeise 100% fingering in Maus Jung, Im Jahr Der Ratte, and Herzblut (grey, charcoal, and red).

Dare I mention it's 24 days until Christmas, and I have not knit a single thing for anyone, but myself...


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