Then, there were two!

The last of the Christmas projects is done!

The fabric was completed a few weeks ago, but I finally cut it up and made something lovely out it:

It has also been delivered, and according to the photo I received last was well received.

This one has a Tencel warp with wool/silk weft in an Aran weight. The yarn is by Noro and called Retro, a sadly discontinued line that is a thick/thin single ply. It is wonderful yarn dyed tonally. It was a pleasure to weave.

This gorgeous friend is stunning at five ten or so with sparkly green eyes and blond hair. To accommodate her, I wove the fabric a little deeper and cut the width a little longer to allow the sides to grace her wrists, rather than her elbows, for good coverage.

She and her family will be off to Utah skiing next month, I am told the poncho will join them!

Six days until Christmas!


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