Here are a couple of quick shots of what I am weaving at the moment.

The Beast and I are moving right along on the Lazzaretti towels:

This is the pattern I wish to use to make a duvet cover for the master bedroom. I wanted to do a trial run to make sure I liked it and the draft was enjoyable to weave. YES to both!

This sample is done using 11/2 Cottolin weft in natural with 8/2 Cottolin warp in Marine Blue on top and sport weight Hemp for Knitting on the bottom.

The hemp is thick and makes a very firm fabric. My plan is to use it to make a pad for my weaving bench. I think it is sturdy enough to take the abuse.

Lil' Miss Macomber continues to rock along on the Ribbon Towels, although they do not look much like the original, as I become bored and changed things up a bit. 

I have made several according to the pattern, which called for white weft. 

I also used the white for plain weave, which I think is classic:

Of course, I took a break from the white and used lime green to weave the design in pattern for fun.

In another I inserted a band of teal on a white even weave background:

At the moment, I thought it would be interesting to add the stripes of the warp to the weft. I absolutely adore this!

I have thirteen yards on the loom, enough to make a dozen towels. These will be for two different couples marrying this year.

The warp and weft on these are all 8/2 Cottolin.

As I approach the mid-point of these projects, I am already looking ahead to what projects are next!

Unfortunately, both of the contenders require an 8-shaft loom, and Lil' Miss has not been upgraded yet, which means only one of these will make it onto the Beast at a time.

Seedling Towels:

So, for Lil' Miss, I am contemplating two projects, very different from one another.

For a year, I have had the materials to make an overshot shawl with lace merino wool in black for the warp, and a combination of fingering weight merino wool in black for the background tabby and some luscious 100% Mulberry Silk from Araucania Mana in Emerald for the pattern.

The pattern I have chosen is from Bertha Gray Hayes.

The black will replace the natural cream color, while the emerald will be substituted for the red.

I may actually do twisted fringe for the ends, as they will be black.

I have not already made the shawl because the lace merino is a bit fine for warp, especially if plain beamed. Sectional beaming is easier on the yarn, and it is less likely to break this way. The sectional beam for Lil Miss only just arrived last week.

Further, while they only use four shafts, to weave the pattern, two shuttles are employed, one in the pattern color (emerald) and one in the background color (black). Every time the pattern shuttle is thrown, the background shuttle must follow it in even weave. 

Due to the lack of practice with the overshot technique, I have not yet developed a good rhythm with the two shuttles. The process for me is awkward and fiddly, which slows me down considerably. Thus, it is not a quick and mindless weave.

The second option is something of a let down, as it is nothing other than another batch of plain weave tea towels with a variegated warp in 8/2 cotton, much like what is on the Leclerc Colonial now:

They are not fancy, but there is joy in plain weave. They are also the most utilitarian, as the few I have in my dish towel drawer are the ones I reach for most. I find pleasure in the weaving of them and the using of them. They are comfortable, beautiful, durable, and reliable. 

Of course, I also plan to warp for the duvet cover fabric and make several blankets as gifts for Christmas...

So, these are things that float around my noggin as I work on a multitude of tea towels!


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