A Task Complete!

On April 1st, I warped the smaller loom (32" Macomber) with 13 yards for these Ribbon Towels. I  made them a couple of years ago and really liked them. While the pattern called for 8/2 cotton, I used 8/2 cottolin.

At the beginning of June, I pulled 13 towels off the loom. I was able to get 13 because I wove them each 34" long, which is my norm. After washing, hemming, and pressing, each of the plain weave towels were 18" wide and 27.5 inches long. The towels done in the pattern were 18" wide and 30" long. There was apparently less shrinkage with the twill.

As I am easily bored, I only made three in the twill pattern (two with white warp and and one with lime green), the remainder are all in plain weave; however, I made several in plaid stripes. In fact, I ended up with more plaid towels than any other. I LOVE THE PLAID!

While it has taken me almost three weeks to find time to get to the finishing work on the towels, the small loom did not remain idle for long. 

I immediately dressed her in a gradient of 8/2 cotton. The plan is to weave fabric to make several sets of mittens and cowls. Once this light grey weft is done, I will move to some 5/2 bamboo...

The Beast is sporting a 13 yard warp of tea towels, as well. I just started towel #12 on him! I may well get 13 towels from this warp as well!

No plain weave on this warp!

Each towel is done in pattern, but I used a variety of colors and wefts from 10/2, 8/2 (cotton and cottolin), as well as 5/2. I also used a sport weight hemp for one of them!

They are so close to coming off. I cannot wait!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.


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