Mash up

Frabulous Fibers dyes the most beautiful hand-dyed merino braids for spinning. I picked up two in the Artemis colorway:

The original plan was to spin each braid and ply them together; however, by the time I spun the first one, I thought it might be more fun to combine it with something else I had in my stash. 

This Fiber Obsessions Corriedale top in Sunset Fields came to mind. 

While I was a little concerned that the purple in the Artemis and gold in the Sunset Fields might end up screaming LSU or the Minnesota Vikings, I persisted.

There was a bit of the purple and gold, but I was hoping there were enough of the other colors to balance it out. 

It was hard to tell as I was plying, but as soon as skeined it, I was thrilled!

Here it is after a bath:

The end result was 860 yards of fingering! My spinning is improving, although there were still a few areas of more loosely spun fiber. 

Here is the yarn against the other braid of fiber. What a HUGE difference plying it with the Sunset Fields made. 

I think it is perfectly Autumnal!

Now, what to do with it...


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