Hack of the Day

On Instagram, I follow a fair number of weavers.

Likewise, on Facebook, I am in several weaving and fiber-related groups.

In some of my scrolling, I caught a glimpse of someone's beater with a tape measure affixed to the race, and had an "aha" moment.

While I am normally reticent to affix stickers to wood, it was a great idea.

In fact, I immediately did a quick search for adhesive tape measures, which read both left to right and right to left.

My initial thought was to buy one of each and have them begin with 0 in the middle and read out from center; however, ones that read right to left are harder to find.

Ultimately, I simply decided to go with one for each of my looms, which read left to right.

For the 32" Lil Miss, I bought the 40" Wintape Workbench Ruler - Adhesive backed. It says steel tape measure, but I guess the steel refers to the color and not the material with which it is made. I snipped off the extra inches I did not need.

Likewise, I bought the 60" for the Beast, although he has a 56" weaving width. As he still has a warp on him, I will have to wait until he is naked to apply it.

As I finished a project on her last night, I was able to add the tape today.

Lil Miss is dated 1968. Her original owner was the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts. I assume a student or two marked up her race while she was there. Fortunately, the center line was accurate.

The tape measure is a little thing, but I like it!

Now, to warp her...


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