Of Blending Boards and Rolags

Over the summer, I ordered a blending board from Howard Brush Outlet on Etsy.

Actually, the one I selected was a second. It was supposed to have some kind of cosmetic blemish, but be perfectly functional. They do not appear to have any available at the moment.

Immediately after the transaction, the seller contacted me. He said they were all out of seconds, but if I could wait a week or so, they would make a brand new, first quality one for me. He asked if I would mind waiting.


I laughed and told him I would be delighted to wait. Thank you!

Shortly thereafter, I rather large box arrived with a beautiful blending board, dowels, two brushes, and a handwritten note, which explained one of the two brushes was a gift for my patience (the other I had ordered).

I was absolutely delighted to have them!

However, I had no clue how to use them.

So, they sat for a couple of months, until I overcame my apprehension and made a bit of time for them.

Dutifully turning to Google, I found this straightforward video from Ashford. It truly seemed simple enough.

I added some fiber and brushed it down. 

I had some lovely dyed locks to contribute. 

Okay, I had quite a few to add.

I covered them with a bit more merino.

Then I played with color, before picking up the dowels and rolling it on.

However, no where in that video did the lady advise how loosely (or tightly) to wind the fiber. As she was pulling/tugging while she wound them on, it seemed as though she had a fair bit of tension on it.

Well, that was obviously not right because I could not get the blasted thing off the dowels. 

The husband even tried...to no avail.


I had to cut it off.


Undeterred (much), I tried again.

While more loosely rolled, it still did not come off the dowels without a fair struggle.

Thus, it was not the neatest or most attractive rolag I had ever seen.

However, it did manage to spin up nicely.

Here we have 164 yards of fingering weight!

It was fun, actually. 

I anticipate practicing more with it. I do love spinning rolags!

By the way, how can it be NOVEMBER already?


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