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Yet, Again

Last week, a dear friend and I were chatting about weaving. She is an excellent weaver and is preparing to peddle her wares at the local farmers market, as well as on Etsy.

We were exploring options for set up and display, when I suggested a small loom, either floor or table, would add interest to her products. She agreed, and we began scouring various Facebook groups to see what was available. Then, I did a quick search on eBay.

This little beauty popped up:

Leclerc Dorothy 15 3/4-inch four shaft table loom. Her Model number indicated she was manufactured in May 1979.

She was missing a reed and the top of the beater.

Leclerc is still in business in Canada. A new reed is $50. The batten sley or handtree is about $20.

The reserve on it was reasonable, and shipping would be $42 in the continental US. However, with almost a week to go until the auction ended, who knew what it would ultimately cost.

My friend was not completely sold on it, as she had not yet had her first show. She was ju…

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