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By the Numbers

Thirteen yards of napkins and place mats came off the 32" Macomber this week. (See the Instagram feed at the bottom of the page for a video of the unrolling!)

Before I loaded a fresh warp, I implemented a new routine. As soon as I empty a loom, I clean it by dusting and wiping it down with Howard's Feed & Wax before dressing it for the next project.

It requires very little time or effort, and the looms shine with the attention. This is a much better approach than trying to remember to apply the Feed & Wax once or twice a year. It also gives me a chance to sweep up the dust bunnies created by the threads shedding.

Once that was done, I loaded twelve spools with enough 8/4 cotton warp to span the entire 32" weaving width of the little loom.

My plan for this project is a combination of baby blankets and cotton chenille towels. The blankies are an absolute go, but I am a little concerned about the towels, as I think they would do better with 8/2 warp and a sett of 1…

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