Is that Spring in the air?

Well, at least in South Texas it is!

It is February and the knitting has been moving right along. I finally finished the B-side cardigan and I could not be more pleased! I wore it to work yesterday and no one could believe I made it.

Now the age old question: What next?

Well, I am still working on my one-pair-of-socks-a-month. The husband's pheasant socks are coming right along. I did this version toe-up and am at the point where I will wrap and turn (w&t) the heels.

I am still not sold on the whole w&t deal, but I thought I would give it another try.

There are about three sweaters that Mom has asked me to make for her, but as she is a moving target and changes her mind frequently, it is hard to tell. At the moment, we have decided on a new Chic Knits pattern called Sandrine. I bought the yarn last week. It is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in light purple.

Not one to be left behind, the wee child has expressed an interest in a lacy-type cardi called Ce Ce. She said she wanted a light little something to wear over her camis when it gets warmer. I think this will be perfect!

Fortunately, I have some linen in my stash that seems to be perfect. It is Elann Linus in Tea Green, although Acid Green might be a more appropriate name.

The only issue is the slickness of the addi turbos with the linen. Now I really like addi turbos. They are my favorite kind of needles; however, I cannot keep the stitches on because the linen refuses to be knit tightly. Thus, this project is on hold until I can get a pair of addi natura needles.

No worries, I also have a bit of stealth knitting to occupy me, as well.

In other news, I blocked the partially complete Colortopia shawl. I love how it is coming along!

Definitely colorful. Mom does not much like it, but it is not for her. I love the feel of it, soft and light. It will be perfect with jeans!

Lastly, the lovely Adamboysmom and I are planning to work on our Hap Shawl knit-a-long in April. If anyone is interested in joining us, please give us a shout (or leave a comment).

Happy Knitting all!


Lolly said…
I'm planning on joining the Hap shawl knit-along, although I may be knitting a different Hap pattern. (I do love being different...) but I'm having hard deciding on which color to make the main color. Dark brown or gold?

The colortopia is beautiful. As is the "stealth." Stealth? It sorta reminds me of that orange thing Annie's been knitting on at Knitspot. Isn't that gorgeous?

And you'll love the Addi naturals! They are warm and quiet, compared to the Turbos.

I enjoyed the weather at lunch today. Went to the Rose Garden to see how they were coming along, pruning all those thousands of roses. Try to get myself inspired.
Whatever that stealth knit is . . . it is gorgeous already! The Sandrine! I've seen her around and I've had my eye on it. I can't wait to see how it comes along for MawMaw!
P.S. . . . I want to make the Sandrine in the Cardigan - for me. :) so save that pattern darlin.

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