Knitting from under my rock

Woolgirl asked me to knit up a quick sock for Miss Babs' trip to the Sock Summit.

As I have mentioned before, one of the reasons I enjoy test knitting is that it pushes me beyond my comfort zone and forces me to try patterns I would not ordinarily chose for myself.

In this instance, she sent a brand new color way Miss Babs dyed specifically for the Sock Summit and included a lacy sock pattern.

I LOVE the yarn color. The lace pattern was easy and I think I might actually cast on for a pair of socks for myself.

Not bad for a two day knit, if I say so myself.

As I also finished a sock for Woolgirl on July 5th, I am counting both singles as a pair and this marks my 7th pair for the year, so I have caught up... for the moment.


Richmond said…
Wow - that is really nice! And I cannot believe that you can get it done in 2 days!! I'd be like 2 years - but you already know that. ;)
Michele said…
Oh I love that pattern!! I bought a pair in Tokyo one time almost like that (well, not that color, just the style). I still have them and wear them for 'dress'. *S*
I do love the color!

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