Oslo Calling

With all the knitting I have done in recent months, it occurred to me last night that I have not done any selfish knitting in a while.  I have the yarn and several projects sorted out, but there are no projects on the needles for me!

Unfortunately, there is only one on the needles as a gift for the husband.  That probably means the delight I enjoyed in having sweaters for the family (including Susan) to open on Christmas morning will not be repeated.  In a way, that is actually good news because, other than Susan, I do not think the rest of the family was as pleased or excited about the handknitted items as I was.  They did not get much wear, if any, either.

Again, I must state that Susan is the exception.  She is such a wonderful friend to knit for because she wears it, praises it, and shows it off to everyone.  Thus, dear Susan is always on the list for projects.

To remedy the knitting for me situation, I checked the queue this morning and decided on this:

Pattern:  Oslo by Elsebeth Lavold  from Designer's Choice - Book 21: City(e)scapes Collection

I love the shape of it and the set-in sleeves.  Raglan is easy, but does nothing to minimize my broad shoulders.  I can see me wearing this over a dark skirt and heels, as well as with jeans and clogs. 

My yarn choice is that old stand-by:  Malabrigo Merino Worsted.  This time in Cognac:

While I wait for the pattern to arrive, I think I will go ahead and cast on for the sweater I swatched here.

Between the both of those, that should do for me a while!

Anyone else hearing the call of the sweater?  It is September, after all!


Michele said…
Love that pattern!

As for me,,,not hearing the sweater call too loudly! *L* I'm still working on my tank top; maybe I'll have that done by Christmas!! *LOL*

After all, I did get my shrug done just in time for summer,,,
Lolly said…
Oh, I've been hearing the sweaters calling - lots of them. There are too many that I'd like. That Oslo is fantastic! It has something going on around the cuffs that you can just barely see. At first I thought there were no cables, but I think, upon closer scrutiny, that those are cable on the collar! That yarn will be so beautiful...
boboknitter said…
I love everything you knit for me and I show it all off too! :) Actually can't wait for the cooler weather to break out my two cardis and my scarf & hat! :)

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