Durango Cardigan

Pattern:  Eadon by Susanna IC
Yarn:  Cascade Eco Cloud in 1807 (Otter)

This is the second time I have used this yarn.  It is wonderful!

In February I used it in the Bohus sweater.  There is no doubt, I will use it again.

The pattern is easy to follow with a ton of ribbing.  It was the perfect traveling project.  The cables on the fronts and down the sleeves are easy, and there is a nice rhythm to it.

It could not fit any better than it does!   When (and if) we ever have cooler weather again, I know this will be a favorite.

The most difficult part of the whole project was probably the seaming.  It was not really hard, it just required careful attention  to easing the pieces to fit.  The ribbing stretched when paired with side stitches.  In fact, I ended up applying a ratio of 3:2 when seaming the top portion of ribbing to side stitches, and everything came out just fine.

Other than marking how many days or weeks it takes to complete a project on Ravelry, I normally do not pay that much attention to how long something takes to knit; however, because most everything for this cardigan, except seaming, was done in a vehicle, I can estimate it took between 40 - 50 hours with, at least, three hours devoted to seaming.

Too bad I have a day job, I would not mind finishing a sweater a week!


Lolly said…
That's lovely! I'll have to check out that yarn.

Glad you had a good vacation.
Feisty said…
Thank you, Lolly!

The yarn is really nice, but be warned, it will pill!

; )

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