Wee Wylie

Sometime last year, the younger daughter saw a pattern she liked and asked me to make it for her. Delighted that she was interested in my knitting, I ordered both the pattern and the yarn.  A short time later, both arrived. 

The pattern was fine and seemed straight forward.  The hang up was the yarn.  The combination of acrylic, linen, nylon, and cotton gave it a weird, unfriendly feel.  I was immediately put off, but decided to swatch it anyway, hoping it would transform in the wash.

It did not.

There was no difference to the pre-washed yarn to the washed stuff.  The word vile came to mind, and I decided life was too short to knit with vile fiber.  Thus, the pattern and yarn were promptly tucked away.

There they stayed, until the child sweetly inquired to the status of her vest.


It is hard to disappoint such sweetness.  Putting aside my personal feelings, I cast on for the back, and before I knew it, it was done.  Then life got in the way, and I put it down again.  

A couple of months passed, and the growing child reiterated how much she would love to have that sweater.

A week passed, and I finished both the fronts.  Before I knew it, all the piece were seamed together.

Late last night I worked on the button band along the front, as she had hoped to wear it to school today.

That did not happen.  However, I took it with me to the office, and I managed to knock out the arm bands.

It is done!

As you can see, she is delighted. So much so, she posed for a couple of gleeful shots!

Pattern:  Wylie
Yarn:  Origami by Berrocco

To be honest, the yarn is not that bad, I am just spoiled.  I much prefer the luxurious softness of merino wool.

Yes, I am definitely a yarn snob, but the interesting knitting experience was worth it because my baby is very, very happy!

Oh, and the buttons are PERFECT!


Anonymous said…
The color is gorgeous!
Feisty said…
It *is* a great color!

Thank you!

; )

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