Curious Denial

It is not is not 13 days before Christmas...


Go ahead.

Ask me how the Christmas preparations are going?

They aren't.

However, I have been busy.  The younger daughter asked me to make rather large (read HUGE) bags that she and her friends could use as overnight bags.  Slumber parties are the thing for this soon-to-be-turning twelve-year-old pre-teen crowd.  The original request for six, turned to eight.  I mean, why not? What are two more gigantic bags?

The dimensions are about 16 inches wide at the top and 20 inches tall.  They have adjustable straps and cell phone pockets on the inside.  They are made with upholstery grade fabric on the outside with heavy denim bottoms.   Just the thing for an extra pair of shoes, a couple of changes of clothes, toiletries, and pillow or light blanket.

For knitting purposes, I guess someone might want to carry around everything needed for three sweaters...

Originally, I was going to have the bags monogrammed with the names of each of the girls, but that would have made them very expensive.  Instead, we went to plan B, which was to print out their initials in a groovy font (Ravie), iron Wonder Under to the wrong side of some fabric, cut out the initial, peel the backing off the Wonder Under, iron onto the front of the pretty fabric, then zig-zag around the letter.  I am told this is appliqué.  All I know is that it worked!

When not chained to the sewing machine, I have actually able to get a little knitting done, too.

The older daughter's Audrey is coming right along.  The body is completely done.  To avoid pooling, I have been alternating skeins every two rows.  All that remains are a pair of sleeves, button bands, and an I-cord neckline.  Sweater #13 for 2012 is well on its way.

The Madelinetosh sport is an absolute dream!  I love it so.

In fact, I have been formulating a plan to knit nothing but Madelinetosh in 2013.  I have enough for 10 sweaters for me!



Am I worth it?

Probably not.

Will I do it anyway?

You bet!


Sherrie said…
Of course you're worth it!! Who else, but mom-of-the-year would make EIGHT giant bags for her kid's friends?! Mad Sweaters for Fiesty!!

I should start a petition...
Lolly said…
Wow! Those bags are great! And Audrey is beautiful. I may knit her yet! I've been knitting a hat for a week now and still not finished. But I do have 5 snowflakes completed. Been trying to think of how I could add an initial. But that probably won't happen.

And don't worry. There's no way that it's 12 days before Christmas. Besides, Christmas lasts for about a month doesn't it?
Christina said…
Absolutely, Lolly!

Okay, Miss Sherrie! Are you jumping on the MadTosh sweater train? I happen to know you have some stashed.

; )

Thank you, ladies!
Theresa said…
Madtosh is to die for. I looooove Pashmina... You should totally knit yourself a boatload of Madtosh sweaters this year. :)
Feisty said…
Doggone it, Theresa!

Pashmina, I do *not* have!!

; )

Happy New Year, Lady!

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