Last summer we took a trip to Durango with some dear friends for some fun, some climbing of cave dwellings, some river rafting, and some zip-lining, as well as some yarn shopping.  There was a little store just off the main drag called Yarn Durango, which featured a locally dyed yarn called Fearless.  The shop lady indicated it was locally dyed.  Two skeins found their way home with me, several more, I think, were adopted by my lovely friend.  Unfortunately, I cannot find any links or websites for this elusive yarn.

In October, I released a pattern called Wool Tree Shawl as part of an exclusive kit for Lucky Ewe Yarns. In anticipation of releasing this pattern to the public on April 1, 2013, I sent the Fearless yarn from Durango to the maven of all knitting mavens, Miss Alana in Calgary.  Today, this well traveled yarn re-appeared in the form of a shawl:

One of my favorite things about this shawl is that it is completely reversible.  The shot above shows the "right" side and the one below is of the "wrong" side.  The edging is knitted on seamlessly in a garter-stitch lace pattern, so it looks very much the same on both sides.

The other thing about this shawl I adore is that it can be made to any size.  The original pattern used only one  450-yard skein of yarn for the body and the edging. It measured approximately 24 inches down the spine with a wingspan of 48 inches.  The shawl above uses one whole skein for the body and approximately one-third of a skein for the edging.  This one measures 28 inches down the spine with a wingspan of 54 inches.

While I have another sample coming with a body in purple and multicolored edging, I have begun to wonder how lovely this would be in a heavier weight yarn...

With the license returning to me very soon, I am eagerly anticipating its release to the public.

Firstly, should we rename the shawl?

Secondly, if so, what should her name be?

Any ideas?


Joy said…
It looks lovely! I love the color selection.
Christina said…
Thank you Miss Joy!
Lolly said…
Hey, this is beautiful. 'One of these days' I'd like to knit it. :)
A name suggestion: All Aboard!
Theresa said…
That's lovely, Christina! Lucky Alana. :) I can't wait to knit it, though I'm afraid I might have to use the exact same colors...

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