Insouciant the second

Last spring I cast on a simple raglan style tee in some yarn called Grass by Plymouth.  While pleased with the result, my fatal error was making it the same size of my favorite tee shirt and not taking into consideration the slightly heavier fabric of the knitted fabric.

So, I cast on again in some wonderful Habu silk called Tsumugi, which is a lace weight yarn.  This time; however, I held the yarn double and went down a needle size.

As the Tsumugi is on cones, I devised a box from which to knit the cones.

More on that here.

Anyway, it languished forever and a day, until the summer ended, fall and winter passed, and summer loomed in South Texas again.  Then I pulled it out and knit for a while, and suddenly, I had a brand new Insouciant tee:

The Tsumugi is fantastically light and airy.  

The fit is finally perfect, hugging in all the right places without clingy anywhere.

I am scouring the internet to find more Habu for one or two more!  It is THAT awesome!


Joy said…
It looks very comfortable!

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